A place where nature takes its course

Christy's Garden

Welcome to Christy’s Garden,
I would like to welcome you to a place where nature takes its course, and where there is a reciprocal relationship between the body and how it is used as a receiver of information and as a receiver of nutrition. When the body is seen as a resource, rather than a threat, it is inclined to provide, by its very nature, a way for the mind to have interesting things in its environment, a way for the talents of the particular individual to come to the fore, and a way of seeing life in all its myriad aspects as part of the one joy of all creation.

When there is hope, faith, and an abiding reliance on what is inclined versus what is in it for the end result, we take for granted that there will be enough in all circumstances. We confide to our truest nature, that which will bring us the greatest joy and, amidst challenging circumstances, have the opportunity to rise to the occasion and spread our wings and revel in all that there is in our lives.

That’s where we find ourselves when we are inclining our health patterns toward ever increasing energetic expression and where we are going in relation to where we are at the present moment.

If there is anything that can be said about natural health and healing, it is that what is currently happening for an individual, be it animal or human, warrants the awareness that we can justify what is given with what is intended by the very nature of what is being asked for. As well, what is inclining is in direct reliance on what it is fed. When the two match up, we have healing, and a greater propensity toward health. And that’s where life is.

In the next pages, you will find ways of feeding yourself with products that are in true proportion to what is inclined for you as an individual. You are special. You have what it takes to make life more joyful and fulfilling. Once you take up the opportunity to discover what it is that will incline you in this direction, there is no telling what will occur. Health, well-being, resilience…

Welcome to a place where nature takes its course, and where healing is a matter of knowing where the inclination lies. For more information on healing by inclination, I have written ‘Coming to My Senses’ and you can order it from me. All product orders made of crystals or flower remedies are ‘made to order’ because of their prescriptive force. Requests to: info@christys-garden.com. See other products at www.etsy.com/shop/christysgardenjoy. Blog at: christys-garden.blogspot.com.