Creation’s Hush Infusions…

Captivating motion. Motion that has to do with the way we make haste toward a life fulfilled. When you have a relationship with the world around you such that relating to your output is relating to your input and they come out to be prime opportunities for inner knowing yourself as here and now and a wonderful asset to the earth and all its creatures, that’s when life is worthwhile and joy is the matter, the stuff that infuses every day with inexplicable delight.

Plant material has the power to transform, correlate, rescind, and enervate. When the dosage is right for the individual, what occurs is that there is a shift in what is required and healing arises. It takes one to the next step. If there were enough opportunities to succeed at responding to requirements from the body, there would be constant adjusting such that an intimate relationship would be created with balance, with receptivity to what is a next step, and an inner knowing of all that relates to self. It’s about relinquishing what the goal might entail for what is entailed.

Flower remedies provide remedial action. When individualized as a prescriptive force, healing occurs. The infusions that are presented here are of two types, casings and lotions. Both are non-ingestive in the way that we typically ingest, by mouth. However, they are ingested by way of taking up an energy involvement that is presented by the particular substance. In this fashion, it is by ingesting, that we ‘well’ ourselves. We are well when our bodies make sense of what is going on inside and out. When one’s physical body is available to absorb what is inclined, when one’s physical body has the capacity for absorption, and when there is a substance for the body to absorb, then there is nourishment and the body can succeed in its enrollment with life. Is it not practical and pragmatic that ingestion be prescriptive?

Casings provide nourishment by absorption at night. Lotions are wellsprings of nourishing by day. Both are non-ingestive by mouth. Both provide nourishment through the energetic cohesion between the nature of the body as a ‘receiver’ and the nature of the substance to permeate an environment.

Method of transmission: casings at $8.00 for bedside, vials of lotion-infused at $8.00 for daytime

Method of rehabilitation: the individual orders, and when inclined, individual will be emailed

How to order: Please email me at and I will prepare your prescription(s).

Creation's Hush