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Flats of turf become blossoms and fruitful ventures. When one is inclined toward working with the energy that underlies the creative force, it becomes the way forward. And in the way forward lies the fruit of the nut. The fruit of the nut is where the heart of the matter of planting, and restorative measures for the earth belies the imagination. It is when, in our fervor to plant, that the opposing forces of nature force their way into the garden, causing its demise. Fortuitous planting, or planting with the energy of the garden, makes for a harmonious relationship among several factors, such that enclosing in on the environ is the propensity for nature to take its course. When nature takes its course, one can easily dip in among the flavors that are enhancing, and take note of what is occurring, only to add the human touch, which is in direct harmony with what is trying to occur in the first place. Greater fluidity occurs, enhancing what is already burgeoning, and the tone is set for relating to the place and time with greater attunement for what is inclined and what is necessary to build the upswing into a crescendo of flowers, bowers, and showers of natural beauty.

If there were a way to produce it in a way that is with nature, then that would be the ideal, for it extols nature as the way forward. Its many applications would include: fostering an appreciation for the land in relation to its surroundings, relating to plant material in a way that makes it absolutely essential to characterize it as having sacred qualities, and relaying back to the ground level before making massive changes to the character of a place, because when it is known by the realm that fosters the energetic forces, the devas, then the way forward will be more pronounced. The way forward will come from the earth itself, such that it can build from the ground up. It will have fervor, and a festering will to succeed that goes beyond what could be manufactured by human hands, and yet it is the human hands that bring it to fruition.

Devan Triumph offers a variety of products to help satiate the inclination to produce beauty and abundance. Crystal applications, plant preferences, and placement of items rectify a scenery.

Method of transport: variety of seedlings set in motion and situated in place

Method of reliance: Peace on Earth crystals set in a pattern on the area

Method of relation: by virtue of a map of the area with north/south specified

Cost: varies, estimate upon request

How to order: Please email me at and submit a map of the property with north/south specified.