Bliss Blankets For Furry Friends

Bliss Blankets for Furry Friends…

When Claris’ cat, Mandolin, spoke of his desire to create a line of comforts for the animals, Bliss Blankets for Furry Friends was let go of from his largess, and includes:

Fleece Blankets, double sided and tied with yarn: small square 7.5“, medium square 17”, large square 32”: $8.00/$18.00/$28.00


Square Dance Pillows of various sizes but similar to the above, custom fabrics like upholstery which can be filled with a variety of substances: $10.00 - $28.00


XO Bags are hot water bottles shaped like hearts and seated in a soft case of flannel: $28.00


Twizelscape cat tree at 16” tall: $68.00


Alacrity Sky Pendant of crystals and individualized: $10.00



Toys are fashioned for felines and include:

Sprinkle Toys, fleece lengths tied in the middle so they wiggle: $2.50

Rug Hugger Toys, socks, small and large, filled with batting and catnip: $6.00/$8.00

Catnip Squares, orange, at 4.5”: $8.00

Classic Mouse Toy, hand-embroidered at the ears: $14.00


How to order: Please email me at If you have a color scheme, please let me know.


If you would care to read about Claris and Mandolin and their host of adventures with the animals, please ask for ‘Majesty’.

And if you would care to read Roberto’s treatise, entitled ‘My Companion. My Human. My Treatise.’ which is the escapades of the animals through the eyes of Roberto who is a dog, please ask for that. It does contain what he calls ‘complaints’, and so if you were not interested in knowing what they are, you would not want to order it.

And lastly, if you are looking to transition your animal to a raw, natural diet, I would be glad to assist.