Alacrity Crystal Sets

Alacrity Crystal Sets…

Crystals, set in motion by their very placement, by their very shape and size and combination. When placed together, they cause energetic fulfillment of particular cause and effect. When they are placed in the correct, for the individual, space, the energy that heralds in is one of calm, peace, and thereby, healing can occur. When someone is in a more relaxed state, of mind, of sentiment, of body, of placement within a certain range of predicated surroundings, that one can be more receptive to the body’s mechanisms for balance, purity, and carrying on the process of coming to stasis. When the body is in a non-compromised state, it can perform at its peak.

The preferred outlay: dwelling such as body/home/barn/complex

The preferred use: spectrum of health issues such that the body can relax, rejuvenate, come to stasis

Crystals have the power to transform our lives. When our lives are transformed, we have the wherewithal to transform others’ lives to the good.

Cost: See below. I will always make exceptions as a gift toward your healing.

Crystal Pendant with Length of Hemp: $17.00

Crystal Sky Pendant: $18.00

Crystal Pocket Pendant with Pouch: $18.00

Crystal Space Enhancement Pendant(s): $10.00 each

Crystal Bracelet: $28.00

Peace on Earth Crystal: $5.00

Crystal Bead Macrame Sky Pendant: $32.00

Macrame Sky Pendant: $12.00 (not crystal-based but prescriptive)

How to order: Please email me at and I will make your prescription. It may include dietary fulfillments such that the crystals will function at a higher rate of success.